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December 21, 2010

The Obama FCC

by nkwilczy

What did you expect? Something other than a borderlin capitulation?

The FCC will not allow broadband providers to discriminate against legal websites, for instance through pay for prioritization plans. This is the heart of net neutrality and represents a positive direction, it is supposed to stop things like Comcast’s attempts to shut down Netflix.

At the same time, nobody even in the FCC seems to be sure they have the legal authority to do it and all of them seem to see the courts in opposition. And also, I mean, it’s not like you can use PayPal to support Wikileaks again, so the internet is not, you know, totally neutral. And wireless devices aren’t covered.

So enjoy the semi-neutral internet from your PC for the next few months, before it gets totally dismantled by *cough* activist conservative judges *cough*

July 27, 2010


by nkwilczy

Does it bother anybody else how much of a hardass Obama is to wistleblowers? He has one surefire way out of all the Afghanistan criticism, the Wikileaks stuff (both the more recent releases and the previous ones), the McCrystal fiasco, and all the future scandals that Afghanistan will entail. (For Instance: Do those soldiers expect that a country that wouldn’t even buy them body armor will tend for them honorably when they return? ) Does Obama think that if he muscles the Wikileaks people quiet that it will change any of the hellish realities of that war? What a cute little idealist he used to be, can you remember?

Seriously, can you? Tell me about it.

Occupying Afghanistan. Really? That was our plan? Some Kipling shit at best? Not even his Kipling shit, but Bush’s Kipling trip (‘burden’ rather) that Obama decided he could sucessfully perpetuate in an arbitrary timeline at great expense to the country when people seeriously talk about cutting Social Security and Medicaid because of budget shortfalls.


Leave Afghanistan today.

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