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January 31, 2011

The Situation in Egypt in America…

by nkwilczy

Shout out in the streets,
“You cannot hold us for long!”
Sandstorms join the cry.

A couple of weeks ago I felt the need to change my background. Just a casual, maintenance of my computer thing, but I did not realize the butterfly effect.

You see, I chose a simple default background that came with windows, the Pyramids. It seemed like an innocent choice at first, but as time progressed I came to see its colossal ramifications.

I’m not saying that I predicted the events in Egypt last week and over the weekend. No, nobody would dare claim anything that crazy. What I’m saying is that I caused them.

Further support for this thesis can be found from the fact that I can find Egypt on a map. It’s right next to Israel, I know where Israel is, sometimes I fly off the handle with anti-Zionist rhetoric, yes, I am certainly the main party responsible.

Now, some might say, “Nick, this philosophy is extremely self centered on the scope of a serious, undiagnosed, egomania”

Fair enough, but I would argue that it is no less egomaniacal than trying to claim that Obama’s Cairo speech was the real turning point, or when the newscasters try frantically to explain the lack of anti-US sentiment, when people try to claim that a democratic Egypt will be the equivalent of Afghanistan or the Gaza strip, will suddenly throw off its ties to America and dissolve the peace with Israel.

Maybe it doesn’t have anything to do with America or Israel… maybe it’s something Egyptian, some real life problems they faced that required a more representative government. Maybe it had nothing to do with us at all, maybe it’s Egypt’s matter and has nothing to do with us, is nothing more complicated than a power fight in a foreign state. Maybe we should let the Egyptian people just have their moment; maybe it’s not all about us…

Nahhh……. That’s crazy…

September 10, 2010

September 11th

by nkwilczy

  This is a sad anniversary.

It starts with the loss of life on 9/11/2001. The events of that day are in and of themselves tragic, and really depressing from a number of angles.

But it gets worse than that, because you can’t look at 9/11 as an isolated event. It had serious consequences for most of the last decade. Look at the way we as a nation reacted to them. We went to open ended war with everyone. Afghanistan, Iraq TERROR. Now we have been fighting abstract concepts with bullets for decades with the war on drugs and that’s one thing. One incredibly expensive unsuccessful thing. The war on terror, though, in the last decade also incorporated a strange element of thoughtcrime. See, getting high might be an abstract concept, but it enjoys corporeal manifestations where you would think if you could stop the flow of coke/opium/hash you’d be able to stop the getting high. But Terror is a wholly abstract concept, and much more open ended than the war on drugs. We’re talking about people who are using box cutters, lighting their shoes with matches, or filling their underwear with fireworks. Throwing any rock they can get their hands on at the edifice of what they perceive as Babylon.

So in this environment the primary enemy is “thoughts of opposition to the American hegemony,” and among the various things that fell under this category were the “loyal opposition.” The people who would have said “You know going to war in Iraq is a terrible idea,” were unAmerican. Let alone the poor Truthers.

This gets to another part of this anniversary, the Truther movement. It is another sad consequence of the attacks that when calculated into the final equation, has made us less as a nation. Yeah, I said it.

I’ve spent a lot of time looking into the evidence and have determined with conclusive finality that even if George Bush, or shadowy cartels embedded into our government, conspired to kill Americans nine years ago, that they will not be brought to justice for it. As far as I am concerned that is the final word on the subject. I won’t get into the evidence because the truther movement has plenty of good questions to ask and plenty of good evidence for their claims. What I’m trying to say is that maybe they are right, but if they are right then their tactics are counterproductive. Not just to finding or illuminating the “truth,” but their tactics also are divisive and paranoid, rarely compiled into factual or coherent arguments. They are uninterested in redemocritizing our government, which is what is necessary if their claims are true, they are uninterested n any constructive work to fix the problems that they instead lock themselves up and worry about.

The problem is that we have proven conclusively that sheer evidence is not enough to convict anyone in the previous administration. If we were gonna prosecute for 9/11 we should have prosecuted their Geneva convention violations that we blared the evidence of on network news for weeks after the inauguration. This is yet another event where the Truthers were out tilting at windmills instead of seeking real justice as well.

And while they were tilting at those windmills what happened? Afghanistan is the longest war we’ve ever been in. We invaded Iraq and wasted billions of dollars building foreign infrastructure while our own infrastructure literally crumbles beneath our feet. If the membership of the truther movement wanted battles to fight then there were battles to fight in spades, but they were all caught up in the 9/11 phenomenon.

We still hear the echoes of 9/11 here and from what I’ve seen the Truthers are out in force this year. It’s a real shame.

9/11 also represented a turning point in social organization. Not that it was alone in doing it, but the fact is that some of the most effective organizations in the twenty-first century are not states or mutinational institutions like NATO or the Warsaw Pact or the UN. On 9/11 it was clear that the real people with power were the ones who organize themselves across national boundaries and put themselves above the rules. Organizations like Al Qaeda and Wal Mart had spent the last decade building in force until it was clear at that point that they had more control over the economy than the government and that they could also make war like governments. Only without any restraints, since these organizations place themselves above the law, and were organized tightly and across national boundaries and they could lure the mightiest nation in the world to spend billions of dollars not to mention thousands of American lives, chasing people from cave to cave in the desert.

This seems to me, to be a scarier world than, say, the Cold War. Let alone the post-historical decade of the nineties.

And then there’s the Islamaphobia, I don’t mean that irrational hatred of Islam didn’t exist in America before 9/11, but the ensuing decade has seen it become trendy. Burning Korans? Telling people where they are allowed to worship?

On the whole I feel like the experience has left us less strong as a nation. It has frightened us into submission or incited paranoia. It has divided us and we have turned on each other with unnerving quickness. We have all chased specters, we have sent our brothers and sisters abroad to chase specters. It has all been counterproductive.

So I say, let’s move on. That seems to me our only option. Let there be mosques wherever they want, this is America goddammit, don’t burn Korans or yell at Truthers or yell truth at the ignorant. Let’s just figure out how to solve this decade’s very real problems. The truth is that for democracy to work you have to love and trust your neighbors. That’s the important truth, fuck the Pentagon tapes.

So in the light of all the paranoia it’s stirred up, let’s maybe give somebody the benefit of the doubt this year.

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