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August 14, 2010

Bobby Gibbs

by nkwilczy

Robert Gibbs says ( according to The Huffington Post) that the administration still wants to feel pressure from the left.

This comes after he derided them as radicals who insisted on socialized medicine and dismantling the Pentagon. And I have no problem with these accusations. If I were running for office this year that would be my platform.

My problem was this, during the backpedaling and apologizing (not apologizing, he didn’t apologize) but his excuse was that he basically watched cable news all day and was moved by their portrayal of the left. He found it easy to get angry at the things he saw there.

Now, you want pressure from the left I’ll give it to you right here: Fire Robert Gibbs. Not for slandering the political base of the president (base is a strong word, considering how the administration treats them), Robert Gibbs should be fired because he gets his news from Cable News. That’s a big problem if you’re the press secretary for the white house, or so it seems to me. He’s the guy that cable news networks go to when they want to get the story. He’s supposed to have really good sources, he should have access to all the declassified documents sitting around the white house, he ought to have good enough office connections to know what is happening.

If he saw polls, if he saw RAW DATA that provided a base for his claims, then I would understand what he’s saying. When he says “Oh, I’m just feeding back into this massive echo chamber we’ve built from D.C. to N.Y. to ignore you people,” well that leads me to believe that he does not have a good grasp of his job.  If he can’t do his job, if he’s getting information from the people who rely on him for information then we have a serious problem.

And so, let me go ahead and say, retire brah. It’ll give you more time to catch up on what Bill O’Reilly thinks.

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