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August 16, 2010

The Roast of David Hasselhoff

by nkwilczy

I watched about a third of the Roast of Davvid Hasselhoff last night, it was altogether too much.

In a lot of ways these roasts have come to represent all the worst of the Comedy Central. I am reminded of a Katt Williams story about the Flava Flav edition.  Katt was given a script and was more or less uncomfortable with it’s contents, he felt like he had been brought in to use the N word because none of the crackers were willing to get lynched over it. I feel like I’ve already explained one of the major failings of these things, they give people SCRIPTS?

I only bring up the fact that the roasts go ahead and expose Comedy Central in all it’s Jim Crow glory because it was still there at a roast of david hasselhoff. I mean, there were no black cast members, with good reason, it was a roast of david fucking hasselhoff. He is an individual firmly entrenched in white culture, He”s old enough and has been sucessfull long enough he’s probably never even had to share a bathroom with an African American. But the writers who did the script still felt like makng a lot of racial jokes.

Many of them involved Ms. Lamponelli, for a moment Gilbert Gottfried went “Do you really think in this day and age…” which was followed by a laugh track (I think the people in the audience are the twisted unfunny people who wrote the script) and I thought to myself “that anyone gives a fuck how many black dudes you have sex with?” would be a good punchline (it was in fact better than Gilberts, which had something to do with slave ships and fat chicks… yeah). That bitch’s dad is dead. His era is dead. We have a black president. (Hell, you want your graphic interracial imagery? We have a HALF black president) These jokes are not funny, they do nothing but give solace to the thirteen remaining members of the Klan (The rest joined another more prominent organization, I don’t want to point fingers but it rhymes with Bee Farty) . There weren’t even any African Americans in the cast (or the Audience, it looked like a live filming for the Glenn Beck show) to make these jokes relevant. What the fuck?

Twenty minutes was WAAAYYY too long to watch it. 

Comedy central has become in many ways the political wing of MTV. They show up and drop South Park, the Daily Show, and then when they aren’t making social commentary they frequently have good shows (new season of Futurama sux, Tosh.O is often great). So since they have better television than anything that’s been on MTV since Pimp yo Ride got cancelled I have to admit I have a soft spot for Comedy Central.

But guys, quit doing Roasts, they are just terribad.

P.S. Let futurama rest in peace, it deserves that much respect.

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