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February 10, 2012

Reading Remix

by nkwilczy

I was dissatisfied with the original take of Reading Rainbow in a number of ways. So I redid it, I feel like it’s a proper job. Hey, lyrics in the video! Neat!

Thanks to Ace B Mr. Hitchcock for the Beat.

November 18, 2010

Detox IS real

by nkwilczy

There has been something of the first rumbles of a media blitz that Detox is actually coming out next year (I… admit…. that I watch Eminem interviews when they’re on TV and in those I’ve seen lately he is always running his mouth about working on Detox). I am an optimist, and a huge Dr. Dre fan since I was 12. The man reinvented hip hop. Twice. From the sound of Kush I wouldn’t add a third time quite yet (although God knows hip hop needs a third reinvention from Dre), but it sounds pretty good, it’s about weed and it’s Dr. Dre and Snoop and Detox is real and there.

My personal theory, probably like a year or so ago, was that he was creating a foundation and testing the waters for some sort of new style using Before I Self Destruct:

and, well, Relapse. Well to be fair, this theory was mostly formulated before Relapse dropped and then, well, nevermind. Recovery on the other hand was a much nicer album but the only Dre beat on that album was So Bad. Crack a Bottle wasn’t bad…

But Kush is much better, and since it’s a Dre album and not an Eminem one, Dr. Dre is not tied to the more… well there won’t be a song on Detox about anybody getting raped by their stepfather. I hope not.


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