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September 1, 2010

God Exists

by nkwilczy

  God exists.

C.S. Lewis was fond of pointing to shared human moral values. He would argue that cruelty exists, which is nothing extraordinary, but he insisted that our awareness of it was something higher, and pointed to the influence of the divine. Augustine used math, something he saw as self evident and universal just like Lewis saw morality, Aquinas believed that logic was the universal railing from which any man could see God. It is often tempting to attempt to make arguments based on world origins but these arguments tend only to end only in open disagreement. Either matter and the universe have always existed in some form or another or they didn’t, people will argue both ways and it never goes anywhere.

Ultimately all of these are useless, the fact is that anything that can be limited to human understanding would fall short of our conception of God. To be God such a thing must be beyond our understanding and it is truly pointless to argue. There is no universal truth, not math or morality or logic that will permit all men to see God and there should not be. There should be no equation or cookie cutter formula for finding divinity. It should and must be a personal journey or it isn’t one worth taking, such a thing would not help you understand yourself or your place and purpose.

Because people seek the idea of God to find something that is at once very personal but at the same time connects them to their neighbors and helps them tie themselves into the world around them. To find your place and to feel purposeful in action is significant. And in their actions that go beyond logic or moral obligation people prove their devotion to the idea that something is greater than themselves, something that should be aspired to, these people show divinity in themselves. And if even flashes of such can be seen, if we can even reach into our own hearts and pull them out when we help the troubled or the needy or aspire to be more than human, to defy our limitations and reach for something more. If we can see something more than merely human there, if we can see God, then what more do we want?

September 1, 2010

God Does Not Exist

by nkwilczy

 God does not exist.

Cruelty and amorality, unjust and illogical things, problems or revisions in Biblical text, none of these are satisfying proofs to the nonexistence of God. Biblical arguments are inherently flawed in so many ways that they are never worth pursuing, they start out by placing themselves firmly in territory where their advocates are rarely as experienced as actual Bible reading Christians. And even if such arguments do succeed to any degree, even in rhetoric, they can at most argue against the existence of Hebrew mythological figures, at its heart the whole prospect is nothing more than tilting at windmills, and as far as convincing anyone about anything it is doomed to failure.

What concerns me is the idea that pervades that we are as a whole being watched very, very carefully and judged according to our merits and worth. This is the sort of God many people believe exists. What also concerns me is a simultaneous, compassionate and caring God that occupies the thoughts of many others and even simultaneously in the minds of many of the first sort of judgment oriented Deists. The point I intend to make is that your God is malleable. If parts of him can be changed and altered in one’s mind, if there is no concise understanding even to what “God” means even within one’s own head then how can anyone hope to prove that “God” exists? Ultimately no one can broach a universal argument that will make, to borrow a phrase, all knees bow because “God” is a personal understanding of the universe, not a universal or literal creator and overseer.

The truth is that while someone might argue for or against the existence of God, the more important argument that should be made pertains to the qualities of such a being. If the qualities of God cannot be agreed upon, If the moral code that governs such a being and which we all should ascribe to cannot even be determined, then the existence of God is a moot point. God, ultimately, exists only as a spokesman for whatever you believe in and his characteristics as you perceive them are as general and arbitrary as they are to anyone else.

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