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November 1, 2011

Honor Among

by nkwilczy

It was death, or the brig, or the stocks,
And I’m known for my skill picking locks,
So I said with a grin
As the stocks shut me in
“It’s just like a ship taking dock.”

In that spirit I sought to embark
Before night sent a trial or a lark
But there were rakes, there were whores,
And the crew went ashore,
And left me locked up in the park

I’ll vouch for my skill shooting spit
And my pick in my mouth it did sit
But when I tried for my hand
On the ground it did land
And my spirit enraged it was lit

So I shouted and started to holler,
And after about like an hour
A stranger arrives,
He was young, by his eyes,
Bade me quit if it was in my power.

So I asked him to hand me my pick,
But he thought it was some sort of trick,
“When I let you go
Then how should I know,
You won’t try to rob me as quick?”

“Crime perhaps is what got me here,
But I promise you no need for fear,
If you hand me my tool,
I swear we’ll be cool.
And I’ll make it right out of town clear.”

He took up the pick off the ground,
“I think that I’ll keep what I’ve found,”
I could use a martini,
But I am no Houdini
So I resumed with my thrashing around.

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