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November 6, 2010

Keith Olbermann

by nkwilczy

So, I survived the election. Frankly I don’t know what all the whining was about, Pelosi will be speaker again in 2-6 years and she’ll still have a substantial voting bloc there until she retakes it. And the Senate, well, if I were Bernie Sanders I’d be getting ready to filibuster any attempt to add 700 billion dollars to subsidize the wealthiest Americans with money they won’t even use to stimulate the economy, in fact if I were any left leaning member of the Senate. Hell, Harry Reid survived and held on to his leadership position. That’s how I saw Tuesday, not fire and apocalypse, just a tighter margin in Congress, a lot of TALK about Republicans running things now, but you know, things could have been a lot worse, Christine O’Donnel lost. It also seemed to be a hit and miss night for the Tea Party, sure, they got Rand Paul, but a Tea Party Caucus in either house would be pretty lonely.

Keith Olbermann did not fare so well, indefinitely suspended from MSNBC for donating to some campaign. The thing is, you work for a company, you follow their rules, or if you don’t then they enforce the penalties. Sure, the rules are different at Fox, but Keith you don’t work for Fox.

But let’s be clear about this: Keith Olbermann’s show sucks. He’s like a halfassed left wing Rush Limbaugh and nobody is missing out on anything. People were saying “why did he bother sending money when he can just plug them on TV,” but let’s be clear, Olbermann isn’t on Adult Swim, he’s not on Comedy Central, he’s not on MTV. He hosts the Keith Olbermann show on MSNBC and, well, his ratings reflect that, anybody who was watching his show was already gonna vote straight ticket.

I say suspend Chris Matthews and Lawrence O’Donnell too, just to try and clean house. Completely rearrange the focus of the network. One editorial show, Rachel Maddow, and then change everything else to straight news, give up on trying to beat Fox at their own game and try to be a real news network, without all the stupid rhetoric. It takes two to tango.

It would only take one hour for Maddow to go over all the talking points anyways, it only takes one hour for anyone to go over the talking points and having a five hour loop of the talking points is not helping anyone accomplish anything and we need to, as progressives in America, change tack.

November 2, 2010

Happy Election 2010!

by nkwilczy

First, since it is a political day, allow me to show you something political that I was introduced to at the Rally, the website of the Unknown Presidential Candidate. There are a variety of political cartoons there that are extremely well done.

I also want to provide some music for the occasion, I always have said that the greatest representation of Brutus and Cassius sneaking up on Caesar at the Senate steps my generation has been given is what Green Day and Blink 182 did to Punk Rock, and for sure, they are traitors, but today, let’s kick it old school anyways, this one is for everyone with no short term memory trying to take us back to the regrettable age of George Bush and Conan O’Brien.

October 28, 2010

Election 2010

by nkwilczy

Harry Reid is fighting like a motherfucker I’ll tell you that. I get an email from that guy every six hours on the dot to ask for money or tell people about the evils that Sharon Angle represents. I think she’ll probably be an even bigger representation of those evils post-election, when she’s the biggest and onlyest win the tea party manages, fuck you Joe Miller, fuck you Christine O’Donell, and fuck you Sarah Palin, it aint happenin.

So I’ve been doing my part to close the enthusiasm gap, calling people for the Dems in Guilford County when I get the chance, if I get a couple hours, and I don’t know if you can tell by my lack of blog posts but I haven’t had a lot of free hours. I also spent less than an hour calling people to support prop 19.

And although I am more than happy to man to battlements, while I greatly enjoy this fight, I want to establish that I don’t care how it turns out, I don’t think it will make a big long term difference. If Republicans DO win and shut down the government then they will only serve to invigorate democrats in two years when they throw a hail Palin. And I have been more than happy to announce to people that during the original government shutdown in the nineties Bill Clinton spent his time helping to solve one of the most intractable foreign conflicts of our age, where do you think the IRA went?

Hamas can go that same place, Republicans, please win. But it’s only going to cost you in two years when you’ve made such a big deal about how now you’re running things and they still aren’t getting better.

Hell yeah Prop 19, go for it. If anyone needs a ride to D.C. from G-Boro on Saturday for the Jon Stewart rally then you should probably find someone else, my car is full.

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