About ME!!! .!.

I am a three dimensional person with a variety of interests and values.

I am a deist, I believe in the concept of a God, I just don’t buy the whole Jesus line and am uncomfortable with the frequency that it results in what I would percieve as immoral behavior. Especially regarding the control and manipulation of information.

I cook for myself, I believe in self sufficiency. I believe in freedom and justice and all the good things that people are supposed to believe in.

I write a lot. Short stories, long stories. Buy my novel.

I like animals. Dogs and cats, goats. That sort of thing. I am not a vegetarian. I wear a leather belt. Complex, huh?

I watch too much TV, trying to flee the eternal anxious awkwardness of my corporeal form into the freedom of distraction. Sometimes I play video games on my phone.

Yeah, now you know who I am.



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