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June 4, 2015

Run Bernie Run

by nkwilczy

I dunno if you are familiar with It’s a progressive advocacy group that works on various campaigns and their most recent campaign was called “Run, Warren, Run” and it focused on persuading first term Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren to seek the Democratic nomination.

She hasn’t appreciated the attention and has repeatedly denied any interest in seeking the nomination. It was well meaning, it carried on a little long for my liking, but whatever, it was the sort of cute that you hope, as a child, makes your first clumsy, chopped up valentine enough to woo your intended.

But it is not going to happen and so MoveOn now requires some direction. If you can read this, if you are still alive, I encourage you to send an email to Ilya Sheyman and advocate for MoveOn to pick up the banner of one Bernie Sanders. I mean, do your own research, but as far as I can tell he seems like a decent guy.

This is how I put it:

Dear MoveOn,

I understand that it is probably inappropriate to address this to your organization rather than to you personally, but if I’m being honest I have my doubts about whether this email will be received in a personal way. Gmail names you Ana Zamora, but the email that gave me the address instructed me to address Ilya Sheyman. I imagine that if this email is read at all it will be read by a third, as of yet unnamed, party in the employ of MoveOn and as someone who works for advocacy groups not unlike your own I am hoping that this third party will not take offense at my confusion or in it’s simplistic resolution to address MoveOn as an organization rather than a particular individual.

My own solution is to just use my personal email for all of my work stuff. Well, I didn’t invent that solution but I do think that if Hillary had simply tried to explain that she had no desire to receive emails addressed to “Mrs. State Department,” it would have been easier for her to cope with what is. let’s admit it, a history of pretty well documented corrupt practices at the State Department during her tenure as Secretary. Such well documented practices that even after she Nixoned the tape there is still a lot of evidence of extremely shady behavior.

In any event I feel confident saying that we both know that she is absolutely a representative of the corporate wing of the Democratic Party, and I do believe that you and I agree that the corporate, pseudo-Republican, wing of the party is already overrepresented in our Federal Government. Bill might have balanced the budget but he also signed NAFTA and repealed crucial financial sector oversight such as Glass-Steagall. We can do better, and I think you know that.

Which is why, if I may be so bold, I assume you were promoting the potential candidacy of Elizabeth Warren. Warren is a great public servant, I had the honor of working on her Senate campaign and it was inspiring there to see that money doesn’t really matter in politics. That the truth can beat well funded attack ads, all money can really buy is pamphlets and fliers stacked thirty high on doorsteps. Those people didn’t vote Warren in because they’re Massachusetts and they even voted for McGovern, they voted for her because her message resonates with people. Speaking the truth is powerful, and it interrupts the scripts of our media outlets, it inspires people to get involved, it mobilizes grassroots action. I think you know that since, like I said, you were encouraging her to consider running until only recently.

But Elizabeth Warren will not be running for president. We need to fight the Republican wing of the Democratic Party and even if Hillary becomes our nominee we need her to commit to rebuilding the middle class. The best way for us to force her to commit to rebuilding the middle class is with a strong progressive primary challenge. Someone who knows what questions to ask and who is not satisfied with easy answers. Someone who is so separated from the Corporate Democrats that he runs for Senate as a Socialist

I want you to think about that. I want you to think of a more reviled term in the American political lexicon than Socialist. National Socialists, Bolshevik Socialists, such people have had an incredible impact on the American psyche and Bernie Sanders just says “I’ll carry all that baggage around,” and does it while being the third most popular Senator in congress.

The man has raised millions of dollars already, he is inspiring the Warren Wing. He is speaking our truths. We must stand in support of Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination.

Because I know what you’re afraid of, you are afraid that Bernie Sanders will win the nomination and lose in the general. First off, I know that fear, that is a fear of your own power and it lets you know that you are on the right track. I want to remind you that there is no guarantee that the woman who failed to win the Democratic primary eight years ago could win a general election.

I say, let’s scare the establishment of the Democratic Party let’s change this whole national discourse. Win lose or draw, let’s stand on our principles and speak our truths.

Let’s back Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination.


Nicholas Wilczynski

So go ahead, your email doesn’t have to be that long, just a quick note letting them know how to proceed. They asked for input and I think that they should throw whatever resources they have behind Sanders. He is the candidate who can threaten the primary, he is a man who yells the truth directly into people’s faces, he is a person we need to keep around and the best way to do so is by supporting him in the primary. The primary is the fight, the primaries can be won.

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