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February 25, 2011

Query Letter

by nkwilczy

So, in case you’ve been wondering, I’ve been quite busy lately. But just to put something up this represents like the fourth draft (the first two of which were disastrous, it’s a learning process). I would like to invite criticism, if it is there to be had then feel free to comment it in or tweet me or email me, whatever you’re in to, I’m openminded. And now you have an idea of what I’ve been up to, with my one track mind, when I am too busy to blog.

Dear Agent X,

The Upright Citizens are devoted to cleaning up their town by any means necessary, and for this small town biker gang that means firebombing the grow houses of the local marijuana farmers. Rob, a retired enforcer and veteran of the drug war in Mexico, has been running the town for years as a corrupt narco fiefdom. He has been paying off the police and hiring dozens of people to generate electricity on stationary bicycles and to work with the plants and deal the drugs throughout neighboring states. There are businesses to launder the money and multiple grow houses in the foreclosed buildings that dominate the rotten core of the ghost town.

As the motorcycle gang tries to retake their streets, the town quickly spirals into constant violence leaving everyone paranoid and isolated. In a place where nobody can tell what is right or who stands for what anymore soon there aren’t any options but to shoot back. As the attacks escalate one of the drifters who has worked on the Farm since its inception, a former crack dealer who long ago gave up his identity, launches a plan for vengeance to permanently shatter the balance of the town, and destroy any hope of coexistence.

I have been writing for many years and among the wide variety of short stories I have produced, several have been published in electronic magazines. From flash fiction, on the website Apathy is Easy to Ripper, an alternate history piece published in Changing the Times, a British Ezine. Upright Citizens is a 50419 word literary commercial fiction about marijuana prohibition, terrorism, and the senseless and divisive ‘culture war’ perpetuated by self righteous upright citizens of all political ideologies. It is filled with scenes of arson, drive by shootings, and the quest for peaceful and prosperous coexistence. Thank you for your consideration.



February 3, 2011

Late Again

by nkwilczy

The phone rings, he reaches out from under the sheets.

“Dammit Gary, this is the third time you’ve been late this week, what the hell is going on?”

“I’ll be there in a second” and he hangs up, he knows that the lecture can wait until he gets down to the shop.

He looks over at the empty space in his bed, he frowns. He used to wake up on time every morning, like a machine.

What’s the point?

Gary slides into his jeans quickly, sprays the sort of body spray that all of the ads claim will provoke the adoration of swarms of women. Gary knows better than that, he pulls on his shirt.

Gary used to eat breakfast. Gary used to wake up early and make breakfast for two, all before he went to work, dutifully, on schedule.

What’s the point?

Gary pulls out of his driveway onto Coronation Street. He is not a highly educated man, but a stoner friend of his had once subjected him to a series of youtube videos about quantum mechanics. They had claimed that a stream of electrons behaved differently depending on whether it was being observed or not.

His stoner friend had asked him, “Isn’t that like… trippy man?”

Gary was completely sober; he had no thoughts on how “trippy” it was. But he could sympathize with the electrons.

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