We’re here, We’re a little stoned, Get used to it

by nkwilczy

Now I wish to offer you a blog post on a subject close to my heart. How will we legalize cannabis?

The answer is that there will be a number of methods employed to do so. There are lobbyists who work on the issue in D.C., activists who promote awareness and opposition throughout the country. Drug dealers continue to serve as the vanguard of the movement, more militantly involved than the rest of us, but doing things that need to be done to perpetuate and promote marijuana culture.

But what the movement needs is not more such people. They serve purposes and work towards the final goal, but they cannot do it without tackling large social issues within marijuana culture. Certain harmful steryotypes must be demolished brick by brick and the only way it’s going to happen is if you are open and honest about the habit.

Michael Phelps, Michael Phelps, Michael Phelps. A tragic example. It is clear that if you can continue to set motherfucking world records for a sport that necessitates holding your breath then weed is probably not the deadly addictive, world shattering drug we were all told it was. Obviously the guy isn’t lazy, he just dug getting stoned a couple of times. But when confronted for it HE APOLOGIZED… as if he had done something wrong. This was not helpful to efforts to legalize the drug. This stabbed everyone in the back.

Get the fuck out of the closet, how do you think the LBG movement got anywhere? By getting out of the closet. Don’t like tell cops you’re holding or shit like that, but be honest about smoking weed in your personal relationships, work hard until they can’t call you lazy or unmotivated, live your life as a model pothead. The same examples can be made based from within the previous civil rights movements. I’m sure that when the leaders of the LBG movement started they asked themselves how black people overcame steryotypes about their brutish nature and the answer is simple, they let themselves get lynched without objecting, they produced individuals like MLK who became such a beacon of nonviolence that he dispelled much of the illusion singlehandedly.  But not with his larger than life rhetoric, with his daily actions that showed massive love for all of mankind and convinced the people around him that he was legit.

Obviously neither the struggle for gay rights or civil liberties with regard to prohibition are as large or honorable as the civil rights movement. But to the extent that it was a wildly sucessfull civil liberties movement there are definately lessons to be learned. Women got the vote by proving they weren’t stupid or unqualified and maybe it should have been self evident but to America at the time it wasn’t so they put in the hours to prove it. Maybe it should be self evident that potheads are by and large as productive and upstanding members of society as anyone else but if they can’t see it then they must be shown. That’s on us.

And so what we really need is not epic cultural crusaders, but individuals willing to confront the close minded people out in the crowd with their open, healthy, and productive lives that involve smoking weed. Even if we needed epic cultural crusaders then the only way we would produce such people would be by making them do exactly that.

We’re here, we’re a little stoned, get used to it.


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