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July 27, 2010


by nkwilczy

Does it bother anybody else how much of a hardass Obama is to wistleblowers? He has one surefire way out of all the Afghanistan criticism, the Wikileaks stuff (both the more recent releases and the previous ones), the McCrystal fiasco, and all the future scandals that Afghanistan will entail. (For Instance: Do those soldiers expect that a country that wouldn’t even buy them body armor will tend for them honorably when they return? ) Does Obama think that if he muscles the Wikileaks people quiet that it will change any of the hellish realities of that war? What a cute little idealist he used to be, can you remember?

Seriously, can you? Tell me about it.

Occupying Afghanistan. Really? That was our plan? Some Kipling shit at best? Not even his Kipling shit, but Bush’s Kipling trip (‘burden’ rather) that Obama decided he could sucessfully perpetuate in an arbitrary timeline at great expense to the country when people seeriously talk about cutting Social Security and Medicaid because of budget shortfalls.


Leave Afghanistan today.

July 19, 2010

Cooking Blog 2: Eastern Carolina Jerk Pork

by nkwilczy


Let me tell you about Barbecue and about Jerk sauce.

Living in North Carolina I have become familiar with two distinct schools of thought on barbecue sauce. They both incorporate the same two basic components, tomato sauce and vinegar, but Eastern Barbecue emphasizes the vinegar and the Western tradition emphasizes the tomatos.

Anyway, so I got some Jerk sauce from the Teeter, but it ended up being mostly just molasses. It wasn’t even spicy, just syrup. So it occurred to me that it might be a good idea to try to cut it Eastern Barbecue style, and I added a tablespoon or two of Cheyenne pepper and crushed red peppers.

For this meal I then marinated a pork chop (in my case, defrosted it in a plastic bag with the sauce in a pot of water). Preheated the oven to 425, and cooked it in the marinade, rotating it in the oven occasionally for fourty-five minutes. It would probably be better with rice, but I only had potatoes so I mashed them.

Ideally for the sauce you would want to still have more molasses than vinegar but tonight, I ran out of molasses. 😦

In the picture you can see some grilled and kinda pickled zucchini that ended up being like a little pile of wusabi on the plate that I covered the pork with. That stuff just about kicked my teeth in, if there’s interest then I’ll tell you how that happened.

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July 18, 2010

Run Rabbit Run

by nkwilczy

Add one more thing to the list of things a blog is at the bottom: a pain in the ass.

What do I have to tell you today, well, I’ve attempted to put this up here and have typed it out a few times only to really just quit. Maybe it will work tonight.  In any event it won’t matter, there is no pillow bigger than a blog to muffle your screams.

Consider the notion of a rabbit for a second. The Jefferson Airplane, Lewis Carroll rabbit, the rabbit of psychedelic culture. The notion is that the rabbit constitutes some sort of leadership icon. Not in that the rabbit is responsible or wise, just a leadership icon.

Rabbits are by nature prey animals, they are hunted by larger and more violent creatures for food. To this end it is not uncommon to see these animals chasing rabbits. This is rabbit leadership. It is, if you look closely, a sly critique of democracy.

This is a strange way to view the events that it describes though, since the predatory animals do not in fact want to follow the rabbit. Psycedelic thought (the Carroll/Joplin/Thompson/Pink Floyd sort of tradition) is dependent on the acceptance of the validity of this alternative perspective though. Not that it is unaware of the seperate truths that encompass the hunter/hunted dynamic, but that it also sees a seperate leader/follower dynamic that is not easily percieved. This may be a strange perspective but it has it’s own truths, and when truths are found based on perspective it represents a clear ideological challenge to the concept of objective inalienable truths.

If you think about it closely it is not that the leadership/follower dynamic is a wrong perspective. The predatory perspective is just the one adopted by the hunter based on his larger teeth and hunger, the rabbit HAS to find another dynamic, where other traits like speed and small size are more important, in order to overcome him. The leadership perspective seems strange because it is the prey’s perspective.

The fact is that neither perspective is wrong, but both must be understood to gain a complete knowledge of the situation. The goal is to have a mind that sees in three dimensions, instead of along narrowly constructed worldviews that provide only one perspective.

I imagine this is incoherent.

But then again, in that fantasy, at least people are reading it.

July 4, 2010

USA #1

by nkwilczy


What makes America so great?

The beer? The pop culture?

Probably not.

But this is still the greatest country that has ever existed, I don’t think anyone can question that. A nation of revolutionaries from birth and national identity. Because how else do you define the national character? European? Not remotely. WASPs can buzz all they want, but this country was from the start ethnically and religiously a jumble, and nearly as soon as it was independent this country became a haven for every type of refugee.

But everybody was trying to make it big. Make a ton of money, change the world.

And the innate insane clarity of our government! Most countries socialize their Industrial sectors to some extent, right? Not us, we socialized agriculture instead. And it worked, for the most part better than industrial socialism. There could be great improvements made in how healthy the food we subsidize is, but the truth is that the USA we have effectively held on to privately owned land and still organize their efforts to the larger needs.

In the end, what we have in common is a belief in the equality of mankind, that they should be treated the same by the law, that they should have a say in how the laws are made, that they should be free to pursue their wildest dreams. It is a charming and beautiful idea, and I imagine that at many times in our history in times of struggle it has seemed an awfully big philosophy to live up to.

But God damn.

We’re not perfect, we have made in our time poor decisions. We have had trouble living up to these dreams from the start, with our land-grabbing and hard robber baron capitalism, but somehow we have still managed to build the greatest temple to freedom and justice that this world has ever seen. The only appropriate way to celebrate that accomplishment is to set off explosives. It’s kinda a big deal.

USA, #1.

Happy Fourth.

July 3, 2010


by nkwilczy

I saw a BP ad, in an attempt to connect to the residents of the Gulf this executive assured people that he “summers there.”

Jackass.  Don’t get on TV and be like, yeah, I get you, one of my multiple houses is there. Total understanding.

Spending this Summer there for sure.

July 2, 2010

I do everything

by nkwilczy

So I, it turns out, am able to feed myself competently in this world. This represents one such success.

I took a gallon sized plastic bag and put a chicken breast, some olive oil and some garlic powder in it and submerged it in warm water. Until it thawed.

While this was going on I skinned, deseeded and cubed a cucumber.  I put this in a tupperware and added (a tiny amount of) salt, and then closed it and shook it up. Then I added sour cream and dill (dried dill, you can buy fresh and it will taste better, but will you use the rest of it before it expires? dried dill lasts longer), you want to be able to see the dill in the final product, then I shook it again.

Then I rolled and smoked a blunt, one day, perhaps, we will get there.

When the chicken thawed I cut it into cubes and removed the fat and veins. Then I greased a pan and cooked the chicken over a burner.

When that was done I loaded the chicken into a pita, then spooned the cucumber mix on top of that.  I sprinkled some feta cheese on top of that.

Sorry, I don’t measure anything. If this is incoherent as a recepie to you then I understand, but to others it will make sense and now you know why you will never see me bake anything.

There is, I have found in my life, a huge difference between people who build their life on well measured preparations, and people who ad lib their way through compromises. You know if I say tablespoon that the facts on th ground will be however many shakes you judge appropriate.

Think about that, but know that the reason there is only half a sandwhich there is because I devoured the bigger, more delicious looking half before I convinced myself to start blogging “what I ate for dinner.”


It just happened.

Bobby  Flay probably wouldn’t approve of my methods, if you can interpret that recepie then god bless you and know you are a kindred soul.

July 1, 2010

Larry King

by nkwilczy

Larry King will be retiring in the fall, CNN is presently covering this instead of news.

My opinion on the matter is this: I am sad that we will be denied the opportunity to run him out of the town with pitchforks. And I know that this doesn’t even mean that CNN will find someone better to put in that timeslot, they even lost Amanapour and have literally no talent in the whole network anymore.

My personal suggestion: If what “works” for the lowest rated news network in the business is intellectual comfort food for enfeebled old spectators then I bet that they could just syndicate “Wheel of Fortune” or “Jeopardy” reruns for way cheaper than anything else. And at least that way someone might learn something.

July 1, 2010

Get Ahead

by nkwilczy

Yes, this blog will be a source of Flash Fiction. Deal.

Get Ahead

Nick Wilczynski

He drives like Luke Skywalker would have, with clean turns and a supernatural sense of what other drivers are thinking and how far they’ll go to keep their place in their lane. I feel like Wedge or Biggs must have felt in the passenger seat watching him nail sand rats with a blaster while he roared across the desert and through the canyons on his speeder.

He makes three lane shifts, barely glancing over his shoulder. He finds tiny holes between cars, if you aren’t tailgating he’ll cut in front of you before swerving off the road altogether and running against the bumpy strip they put in to remind sleepy drivers to stay on the road, it grinds loudly as he drives on it. He says he does what he has to, he wants to get ahead.

The radio says, Foreclosed homes in your area… cheap.

The cops are the ones who drive like lunatics is what he claims, they can just do whatever they want. He says he’s seen them flip on their sirens and swerve into the oncoming lane just to avoid traffic or to run red lights. He sees them swerve from lane to lane to ride up and tailgate other drivers to intimidate them.

Neither one of us wears a seatbelt, and he drives faster than the signs advise.

Everybody cuts each other off, taking their lanes, trying to find a way to get ahead faster.

Foreclosed homes in your area… cheap.

There is traffic all of the sudden. Moving into a foreclosed home, I wonder how I would feel cannibalizing the poor and evicted. But nobody cares about how they would feel about it; everybody just wants to get ahead.

All the cars are piled up here, honking and yelling, giving each other the finger, all trying to get into each other’s lanes and cut each other off so they can get ahead. A cop puts his lights on behind us and pulls into the oncoming lane to drive up and see what’s going on.

There is a man in tattered clothes on the side of the road, wandering up and down the street looking helplessly at the line of angry cars. He has a sign written on soggy cardboard that just says “Handouts please.” Nobody helps him; they are all too busy trying to get ahead. Perhaps they’ll buy what used to be his home; I hear it’s cheap nowadays.

Some sort of accident happened up ahead. Accident is exactly the right word, nobody means to hit anything with their car, but it happens and no matter how bad it is, afterwards everyone still has fingers to point. As the traffic eventually creeps ahead we can see the deep dents in both cars, someone had run a red light it seems, breaking obvious rules probably while they were talking on their cell phones and not paying attention to the fundamentals. Cops won’t stop them, won’t ask them to play it safe, they’re too busy just trying to get ahead themselves. Passing the accident he glances over as I buckle up, before he does the same. Flashing lights are everywhere, and with the intersection so blocked up almost nobody is getting ahead, one car at a time squeezes past the yelling, angry drivers and the police doing their best to keep the situation under control.

The radio cuts to commercial. Foreclosed homes in your area… cheap.

July 1, 2010

What is a Blog?

by nkwilczy

This seems like a good place to start. So I’ve started a blog, what does that mean.

People do a number of things with blogs, in my experience. The Blogs that I personally read are Paul Krugman’s, or Matt Taibbi’s Rolling Stone Blog. Both of these are primarily about explaining economics in layman terms for political awareness. Both do a better job at that than I could. Whether or not you cringed when you read those names then welcome to my blog.

I also read Jason Linkins Eat the Press Blog on the Huffington Post, which is more focused on the general failures of the American press in the twenty-first century.  This has the potential to provide anyone with a massive amount of material, because they are a bunch of Rick Sanchez, Glenn Beck, and Chris Matthews level idiots and their incompetence is often hilarious.

I once saw a movie called Julia and Julia. In theaters. Swear to God it was free. More to the point, the main character in that film, well, a peripheral secondary character who writes a blog about the main character is focused on writing a blog about her attempts to cook food. She lets this stress her out, a lot, but in the end it lands her a book and movie deal. That seems like a sweet arrangement, but God help you if you are ever condemned to a movie based on a blog.

Ultimately a blog is a sort of online journal where a person can explore the various conditions of existence in this decade in a public forum.  You can explore this in a number of ways, economically and through numbers as Mr. Krugman does, you can explore how our society is set up to obstruct  and permit us to feed ourselves like Amy Adams did, you can diss on the press. You can push your art or writing, it’s really an open slate to draw yourself on.

Or not.

I guess we’ll see.

((EDIT: Truth is This isn’t my first rodeo.))

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